Our quality standards

If you want to sustain on the world market, you have to offer first-class products and the best service - at all times. We not only support our customers in achieving these goals. We also set them ourselves. In doing so, we invest in competencies and technologies as a matter of course and: evaluate and optimize ourselves on a regular basis.

Strong customer orientation

We consistently put you - our customers - at the centre of our work. Every employee in our company, from order acceptance to after-sales service, identifies with your goals and puts them into practice with responsibility, conviction and enthusiasm. In doing so, we strive for long-term and personally cultivated partnerships with you. Your extraordinarily high satisfaction is the guideline of our actions in everything we do.

For each project, we provide you with a appointed contact person right from the start. We have internalized the idea of thinking and acting in process chains: We break down each project into fine-grained steps and define the exact, expected scope of services with you. These binding agreements ensure plannable processes and guarantee the success of joint projects. We meet all milestones reliably and on time, and process customer enquiries, quotations and queries quickly. You can rely on us.

High quality standards

Only with excellent quality, reliability and adherence to delivery dates can we support you in maintaining and expanding your position in the market. To ensure that we succeed in this without restriction, esco GmbH is guided by the rules of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management continuously checks and optimises all company processes. Regular internal audits prove and secure this claim to us.

All products and services must meet the highest technical requirements, are further developed in accordance with current market and industry conditions and are subject to constant quality control. We systematically plan the quality of our processes, products and services and continuously record and evaluate any defects that may occur. We optimize our processes using modern information technologies and methods.

Skilled employees

We see our employees as the know-how carriers of our company, who think and work independently and interdisciplinarily in a team. In doing so, we combine different competencies from the engineering sciences, computer science and business administration. Together we have several decades of experience in software development and project work in the fields of production engineering and quality control. Our employees are specialists in their field and also have the right eye for the practical execution.

Professional competence is an essential building block of long-term business success - committed and responsible thinking and acting are at least as important to us. We work across departments and with great care on our joint projects and support you in achieving your goals. We see this attitude as both a claim and an obligation.

Unique software

From the very beginning, we saw digitization as an opportunity provider - because smart, IT-supported processes make a significant contribution to competitiveness.

The software solutions we develop meet the highest standards. We are technically and legally in a position to permanently develop our software further and to tailor it individually. We deliberately work with own software developers and engineers who reliably implement your feature requests. And because we write our code ourselves, we are independent of third parties and thus save you additional licensing costs.

Clear goals

Organizationally, we also pursue the highest standards for ourselves: We promote our employees' sense of responsibility for health, safety and environmental protection. We ensure safe workplaces and implement occupational safety regulations. Our employees should be able to work and live healthy and safe.

As a forward-looking company, the protection of the environment is particularly important to us. We comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirements and take all necessary measures to continue to work in a resource-saving manner for the future.