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Power Skiving in focus – esco presents new module for feasibility studies and the comprehensive software platform ePP

eSkiving.FS, the new software for feasibility studies, is tailor-made for gear development in conjunction with gear production planning

Feasibility Study: skiving of a two-stage gearing

Herzogenrath/Germany, November 2022 – esco, technology partner for process digitization in the gear and cutting tool industry, is expanding its software offering with the new eSkiving.FS module for effective feasibility studies in Power Skiving. At the same time, the company is introducing the esco Power Skiving Platform (ePP), a comprehensive software platform that includes eSkiving.FS to provide seamless support in all areas of the Power Skiving process.

New eSkiving.FS software module

Gear manufacturers often need additional know-how and more transparency about the skiving process to avoid errors and lengthy optimization loops. With this in mind, esco has developed the eSkiving.FS software module, which enables users to validate and optimize gear manufacturing right at the beginning of the process chain. The new module is suitable for use in both gear development and gear production planning. eSkiving.FS offers all the necessary features for application-specific feasibility studies and enables efficient implementation of Power Skiving as gear manufacturing process:

  • Parameter-based generation of the gear geometry
  • Simulation of skiving kinematics
  • Generation of the basic geometry for the skiving tool
  • Collision detection: import of surrounding component geometries through 3D or easy parameterisation
  • Simulation of Power Skiving in 3D ("virtual machining")
  • Definition of the cut distribution and estimation of main machining time for skiving
  • Output of the basic tool geometry and all relevant parameters for the detailed skiving tool design on the basis of the feasibility study

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New ePP software platform

With the latest addition to its software offering, esco now provides a platform that allows all developers and users involved to access a common information base. The ePP software platform ensures seamless data communication throughout the entire skiving process and supports the successful introduction and implementation of Power Skiving. With the launch of eSkiving.FS in November 2022, the ePP software platform comprises five seamless interlinked modules:

  • FS (Feasibility Study): module for conducting feasibility studies
  • TD (Tool Design): module for tool design based on the manufacturing simulation of Skiving
  • TA (Technology Analysis): module for the analysis of technologically relevant parameters (requires eSkiving.TD)
  • AS (Application Support): module for application optimization on-site (requires eSkiving.TA)
  • TP (Tool Production): module for the manufacturing of skiving cutters

You want to learn more about the esco Power Skiving Platform ePP? How about a free online demo? Just send us an email.

"Connecting the dots": the ePP software platform ensures seamless data communication throughout the entire skiving process

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