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esco engineering solutions consulting

For two decades, the optimization of manufacturing and quality processes through intelligent software solutions has been the core of the business. The product and service portfolio is aimed as manufacturers of precision cutting tools, gears and gear cutting tools and manufacturers of grinding machines and coordinate measuring machines. The software products and custom applications are used in the business sectors R&D, manufacturing engineering, production and (integrated) quality control/manufacturing metrology. Typical applications include mould design, manufacturing simulation, feasibility analysis and automatic creation of machine programs (kinematics) for all relevant processes of tools and gear manufacturing. The range of software is divided into the product groups PTM, HAWK and Closed Loop; automotive, power transmission, medical and energy technology are the industrial environment. The Managing Partners of esco GmbH, based in Herzogenrath, are Marion Süßmilch and Dietmar Ernst.

The basis of our work is our comprehensive and interdisciplinary expertise and experience in:
  • gear and tool manufacturing industry
  • modeling of complex machining kinematics
  • dimensional measuring technique / production measuring technology


We offer

  • Software products and solutions for production automation and (integrated) quality control
  • Qualified support to guaranty reproducible quality of your products

Our clients

  • Production orientated companies inclusive automotive (supplier) industry; product range:
    • Precision cutting tools (drilling tools, milling cutters, threading tools, gear cutting tools, inserts, …)
    • Gears, serrations, screw threads, rotors,…
    • Grinding and dressing tools
    • Precision components for the machine tool, mechanical engineering and automotive industries
  • Machine tool manufacturers, in particular manufacturers of:
    • Universal and tool grinding machines for chip removal (finishing)
    • Gear teeth grinding machines
    • Coordinate measuring instruments

esco develops software systems for flexible applications tailored to customer demands. Concentration on the core competences in the critical areas of high-precision manufacturing is a must for practice-oriented solutions. Experience, interdisciplinary thinking and all-round know-how form the basis of the software integration of a company‘s core functions: R&D, design, manufacturing and quality assurance.

The products, custom solutions and services offered by esco let you implement this integration process in an efficient way. The resulting system solutions – from efficient one-off manufacture to fully automatic, quality-controlled series production – boast clear, convincing information structures and measurably improve the flexibility and economy of your production.